Garden Tips

Everyone loves to look out at a beautiful looking garden and when it looks run down it can seriously ruin the street appeal of your home. So with that being said we thought we would get our experts to share some general advice to help you keep your gardens in check. Please remember all advice is general advice and we recommend you contact your local garden centre for advice that is specific to your situation.


At the heart of every beautiful garden is a luscious green lawn. There are other benefits of having a healthy lawn such as keeping the ground around your house much cooler than bare soil, synthetic grass or concrete. To get that amazing lawn that will be the envy of everyone in your street, here are some tips.


Thinking about rolling your sleeves us and having a crack at laying a new lawn in the backyard? Well don't worry, follow our easy steps below and you'll soon be the envy of the street with a turf to rival the MCG!

A well maintained, healthy lawn has a better chance of preventing weeds. A few common mistakes people make when dealing with a weed is by spraying it with a poison that kills both the grass and weed which allows other weeds to take over or they remove the weed by hand which causes certain weeds to spread even further. Below is a guide of how to deal with some of the most common weeds you will find.