Buying products online can often seem to be a great way to get the gear you're looking for at a discounted price. Before purchasing products online it's important to know the facts about the products you are about to spend your hard earned cash on. Below is a list of key points you should make yourself aware of prior to making a purchase.

  • Makita Australia’s warranty policy only covers products that are sold by Authorised Makita Australia dealers, if you are unsure of the provider offering you products please contact Makita Australia customer service on 1300 361 690 or check the Makita Dealer locator on this website.
  • Makita products that are purchased from providers that obtain Makita products outside of Australia may not be built to Australian standards and be deemed illegal to operate in Australia.
  • Makita Australia cannot guarantee the availability of spare parts for Makita products that are purchased from suppliers that obtain Makita products from other countries.
  • If a Power tool that is not certified for use in Australia is deemed to be the cause of an accident or incident possible insurance claims may be made void.
  • Things to look for and their meaning on the name plate of a Makita product

Download the Electrical Power Tool Fact Sheet from the NSW Office of Fair Trading to find out how you can stay safe when buying and using Electrical Power Tools.

Download the Electrical Power Tool Fact Sheet